In this article, we will look at different techniques and tips for styling curly hair at the front of the head. From styling methodologies to strategies for maintaining volume and shape, we will find out how to achieve well-groomed curls, making them the ideal setting for one’s face.

The inversion method: massaging curls upside down

The inversion method is a technique that is often used precisely to restore volume to curls in the days following the wash day but can also be applied during the washing, styling and drying phase of hair to achieve volume and prevent the effect of flat roots.

Massage performed with the head downward takes advantage of the stimulation of blood circulation in the scalp to promote activity in the hair bulb. This process helps to increase volume at the roots of the hair.

In addition to fingertips, a scalp brush can also be used to perform the massage for 4 to 5 minutes. However, this practice is not recommended if there is dandruff, dermatitis, flaking or excessive hair loss.

For curly hair, however, it is important to know that there is no universal solution: what may prove effective for some may be counterproductive for others. Therefore, it is recommended that you experiment with this method by alternating it with your usual procedure, as the effectiveness of the results always depends on the texture and type of your hair.

Scrunch during the styling phase, including on bangs or topknot

Scrunching is a styling technique used to better define strands and help the curl structure to be more defined and voluminous. The term “scrunch” comes from the act of gently grasping or squeezing strands of hair with the hands, as if in a fist.

The two steps to scrunching front curls are:

  1. Divide the topknot or fringe into micro sections by helping yourself with clips or clips.
  2. Apply styling product, making scrunching motions, then gently squeezing and releasing to distribute the product over the desired area.

The scrunching and inversion method can also be performed in combos. There is no right or wrong method; everyone can experiment with different approaches and techniques based on their hair type to achieve the result they desire.

Curl Clips for curly hair

Curl Clips for adding volume at curly hair roots.

Root Comb

Wide-toothed comb that lifts roots. Ideal for lifting the roots and adding volume.

I Love Riccio Rock’n Go® Styling Cream

Cream styling for supple, defined and voluminous curls. Ideal for all curly hair types.

Use a wide-tooth comb or the clips

An effective solution to give more volume to curls in the front is to use a wide-toothed comb.

After drying the hair, simply use the curl-lift comb by running it through the hair and lifting it, thus giving more volume to the locks.

There is another method to avoid a flat root at the front of the hair, which is to use clips on damp hair, securing them well on the hair before blow drying.

After securing them between the strands you can proceed to the usual blow-drying process. Once the hair is completely dry, the clips can be removed carefully and gently to avoid pulling the curls too much.

To further increase the volumizing effect at the roots, a small amount of styling product can be added directly to the clips before attaching them to the hair strands.

This accessory is also very useful in the days following the wash day, to liven up the topknot or fringe when the roots start to lose volume. After securing them on dry hair, use the blow dryer and diffuser to warm them up slightly, finally secure them with cool air and remove them gently.