Oils and butters for
curly hair

I Love Riccio vegetable oils and butters are ideal for looking after your curly hair but also your skin.

A wide variety of ultra-pure oils to add the final touch to your hair after styling; or in addition to your mask or styling product.

With their rich textures, all of our vegetable oils have specific properties that will fulfil the beauty needs of your curly or wavy hair and also your skin: a blend of functional substances to keep close at hand at all times.

Discover the products
Curl Type
Product Type
Hair Thickness
I Love Riccio Protective Curl Elisir Sun Oil

A blend of fine oils to protect your curls from sun, chlorine and salt spray.

I Love Riccio Shine Now Hydrating Oil

A Mix of the purest oils in one product to moisturize and revive your curls.

Carrot Oil

Strengthening and protective vitamin oil for especially dry and brittle curls.

Coconut Oil

Pure moisturising, sublimating and softening oil; nourishes and restructures dry and damaged curls.

Jojoba Oil

Strengthening, antibacterial and sebum-balancing oil for oily skin and hair, with softening and nourishing action.

Argan Oil

Fortifying, antioxidant and brightening oil for very dry curls.

Castor Oil

Restructuring, fortifying, revitalising oil for silkier, shinier curls.

Shea Butter

100% natural pure shea butter. A complete repairing treatment for very dry curls, intensely nourishing and moisturizing.

Tip for top curls
Make your curls more radiant every day

Applying a few drops of oil to your curls every day will help you keep them hydrated and glossy.

I Love Riccio Gift Card

I Love Riccio gift card makes the perfect present for yourself or for a friend or loved one with curly, wavy or afro hair.

The perfect allies for taking care of your curls

I Love Riccio vegetable oils and butter perform a comprehensive action. These treatments are rich in nutrients, especially vitamins, and therefore provide the hair with an authentic blend of truly effective substances.

Thanks to their versatility, these products can be used whenever your hair gets too dry, bristly or frizzy.

Our natural recipes offer a modern take on the time-honoured beauty secrets of women all over the world. In fact, oils and butters have been used as multifunctional beauty products since time immemorial, particularly in parts of the world where the arid and dry or excessively humid climate puts hair hold and skin elasticity to the test.

Wellness treatments
for skin and hair

The I Love Riccio oils and butters are extremely versatile treatments. And those used pure can also be used on the skin as well as the hair.

A genuinely multifunctional product to keep close to hand at all times.

Carrot oil, with its restructuring action, is useful for particularly dry hair;

Coconut oil, hydrating and enhancing;

Jojoba oil, with its softening and nourishing action, is a comprehensive anti-ageing substance for the face and hair;

Argan oil, strengthening, repairing, regenerating, a complete beauty treatment;

Castor oil, strengthening, restructuring, revitalising;

Curl Elisir Sun Oil: macadamia, argan and jojoba are combined in this blend of fine oils to protect your curls from sun, chlorine and salt;

Shine Now, the blend of moisturising oils to use every time your hair needs reviving with an extra burst of hydration;

Shea butter, a complete repairing treatment for skin and hair, intensely nourishing and hydrating.

Ideal as pre-shampoo treatments, regenerating masks but also as a final touch for a stunning glossy effect that is never heavy, they will become your go-to products for avoiding dry ends and preventing your hair from breaking.

Like all of the other cosmetic treatments, I Love Riccio oils and butters were also designed with one goal in mind: to take care of your curly or wavy hair and showcase its natural beauty.

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