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Offer your customers the best haircare products for curly or wavy hair.

The I Love Riccio product line was created by Fulvio Tirrico, N°1 Curly Hair Expert and inventor of the X-CURL® cut, to meet the needs of all types of curls in every phase: from washing to conditioning, styling and daily refresh.

All of the products have been used for years in the I Love Riccio Salons on thousands of satisfied customers and with exceptional results.

Become an I Love Riccio reseller
OPPORTUNITY 2024 LIMITED: new openings available for 2023 are limited. More than 20 outlets in Italy and abroad have already chosen to become I Love Riccio Points.
Why become an I Love Riccio Point?

Becoming an I Love Riccio Point means finding the solution to an everyday problem: looking after curly hair. Offer your customers the chance to purchase the I Love Riccio products they have always wanted, directly in your store.


A range of products designed exclusively for curly, wavy and afro hair whose popularity and market presence is unrivalled.


Thanks to our product usage guide, you can provide your customers with comprehensive and detailed consultancy on the perfect treatment for their hair and achieving exceptional results.


With Salons in various Italian cities and others in the pipeline, lots of people with curly hair recognise I Love Riccio as a successful and growing brand.


Every day I Love Riccio products help thousands of people to take good care of their curly hair. Embracing our philosophy means exalting the natural beauty of all types of curls.


You will attract the brand’s thousands of loyal customers, who already purchase I Love Riccio products and use them every day, to your store. Our customers will become yours too!

For every new I Love Riccio Point opening we guarantee:
  • Online promotion supported by a brand with over 200,000 fans across Italy.
  • Support materials such as display cases and window decals to use in your store.
  • Your addition to the map of retailers on the dedicated page of our website.
  • An exclusive catchment area for the customers that come to you from across town and elsewhere.
Why do we select
I Love Riccio Points?

Until now we have sold our products exclusively online to a loyal customer base: the customers of our I Love Riccio Salons.

To demonstrate our understanding of the needs of consumers, we have now decided to make I Love Riccio products available in affiliated stores across the country as well.

As such, becoming an I Love Riccio Point isn’t just a business opportunity but a chance to tap into a very loyal customer base, in a sector undergoing exponential growth, together with a trustworthy partner.

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of those who have partnered with us

Watch the film of the opening of the first I Love Riccio Point in Italy!

Accompanied by one of our Curly Hair Experts, we travelled to Ferrara to meet the owner of the authorised retail outlet. Discover why they chose I Love Riccio for their customers.

Today the city of Ferrara has become an important meeting place for real curly hair lovers, somewhere they can find the best products for their curly routine.

The next I Love Riccio Point could be yours!

Become an I Love Riccio Point
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