I Love Riccio Floo Cream® Refresh & Leave-in Cream


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Format: 250ml
Presence of protein: No

Revive your curls day after day with Floo cream, the cream designed specifically to bring moisture and definition back to your hair in just a few minutes!

Hair textures Curly Medium-Thick
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What is

I Love Riccio’s Floo Cream is a Refresh & Leave-in cream, perfect for redefining curls days after washing. Thanks to the presence of coconut oil, jojoba and vitamin E inside, your curls will come back as defined, nourished, soft, shiny and supple as freshly washed.

How to use

You can use Floo Cream for different needs, the result on your curls will always be TOP!

Floo Cream can be used as a refresh product, as a leave-in, as a moisturizer to protect your hair from sun, chlorine and saltiness. 

As a Refresh

Mist curls well with water. Apply Floo Cream to all the hair or just the parts you want to revive and distribute well with your hands strand by strand. Perform scrunching with your hands. Dry now with diffuser or in the air. Once perfectly dry, massage the hair.

If you want a quicker, lighter application, dilute a teaspoon of pure Floo Cream in water in our misting sprayer, shake well and spray over the hair. Perform scrunching with your hands. Dry now with diffuser or in the air. Once perfectly dry, massage into hair.


Tips for protecting and keeping your hair hydrated from sun, salt and chlorine 

Floo Cream is also useful as a physical shield to protect curls from sun, salt spray and chlorine while maintaining proper hydration: apply it to lightly dampened hair in pure form or in diluted form in water. Fill a misting sprayer with water and a few teaspoons of the product, shake well and mist over the hair.

Always take it with you when you go to the beach or pool!

As a Leave-in

If your curls tend to lose moisture quickly and are very porous, you can use Floo Cream as a leave-in during your Curly Routine.

After washing your hair, apply your favorite I Love Riccio mask, leave on as long as needed and rinse.

With wet hair, now apply Floo Cream and distribute evenly over lengths and ends making Pray Hands. This will help seal the cuticles, limiting moisture loss in the days after washing.

Finally, proceed with your preferred styling and blow-dry or air-dry, never touching the hair.

Who isn't it for

It is indicated for all types of curls but particularly for those that are very dry and dehydrate easily. Suitable for braids and twist outs. Suitable for all porosity.

Ingredients (Inci)

aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, myristyl alcohol, propylene glycol, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, butylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, tocopheryl acetate, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, polyquaternium-10, tetrasodium edta, phenethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, ci 19140, ci 28440, ci 16255, ci 73015, parfum, citric acid.


Coconut Oil: rich in saturated fats, particularly Lauric Acid, it has a nourishing, emollient and repairing action on the hair.

Jojoba Oil: thanks to a molecular structure similar to that of the natural sebum secreted by the scalp and its constituent substances (mineral salts, vitamins, wax esters, proteins, etc.), this oil proves to be one of the best allies for beauty and hair care.

Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant

Why you'll love it favorite

Floo cream will save you the intermediate wash to revive your curls: you’ll regain hydration, softness and a defined curl in minutes! 

Additional info

Size: 250 ml

Texture: soft and creamy

Type of Curl: all types


Product Type: Refresh and define

Hair Type: Medium, Thick

Benefit/Goal: Revived curls

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