100% pure silk Anti-Frizz Pillowcase


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Silk anti-frizz pillowcase.


What is

This pillowcase, in 100% pure silk, is great for the hair and skin: it helps prevent sleep wrinkles, one of the contributing factors to skin ageing, and combats frizzy hair.


Frizzy hair

Did you know that cotton pillows are the biggest enemies of frizzy hair?

Cotton pillow slips create friction and can cause split ends and the frizz effect, something that people with curly hair cannot stand. Because of its properties, cotton absorbs the moisture in hair, drying it out. And dry means frizzy!

By sleeping on a pillow made of pure silk rather than cotton, you will prevent your hair from drying out and turning static. Silk pillows are also a remedy for brittle hair, which tends to break easily.

Pure silk reduces the friction caused by the hair rubbing on the pillow, preventing it from becoming more damaged and ensuring that your hairstyle is almost perfectly intact the following morning and your hair glossier and cleaner for longer.


Sleep wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles are generally fairly asymmetric because they present differently on the two sides of your face or appear on one side only. They can usually be seen on men’s foreheads and on the cheeks or chins of women, intersecting with other wrinkles and expression lines.

Sleep wrinkles disappear as soon as we wake up when we are twenty, after a few seconds when we are thirty and after a few minutes or even longer when we are forty until, as our skin becomes less elastic over time, they remain and don’t disappear at all, becoming even more evident.

They are therefore very difficult to prevent because to avoid them we would have to sleep with our head dangling in mid air…

The solution? Keep your skin as elastic as possible and use silk satin pillowcases.

Additional info


  • Standard size 50 x 80 cm
  • 100% pure silk
  • Made using 22 momme silk.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, therefore excellent for allergy sufferers
  • Machine washable at 30°C with gentle detergent
  • Dry at low temperature
  • Iron inside out with warm iron



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