Set of 3 silk scrunchie elastics


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Silk scrunchie elastics for curly hair, leave no marks on the hair. Ideal to carry with you all the time, even on your wrist as an elegant bracelet. Embellishes your hair and gives a touch of elegance to your hairstyle. Perfect for curly hair because it leaves no marks.


What is

Silk elastics perfect for curly hair hair. Due to the soft and gentle texture of silk fabric, they do not cause any damage to curly hair and help prevent the formation of knots.

It is recommended to wash the silk elastic by hand in warm water with a mild detergent and let it dry freely.

The package contains 3 silk elastics: one black, one brown and one pink elastic.

Why you'll love it favorite

I Love Riccio’s silk elastics, unlike classic hair elastics, help prevent tangles by reducing frizz.

You can use I Love Riccio silk elastics for any hairstyle, they will give your look an elegant and refined touch.

Made using 19 momme silk.

Silk is the perfect material for tying curly hair: the typical viscosity of the fabric, which is smooth and very soft, reduces the risk of hair tangling.

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