Treat your curls to a unique experience!

The I Love Riccio Salon at 52 Via Bartolini in Milan was the first salon specialising in curly hair that the Brand opened in 2016.

It is here that Fulvio Tirrico, Italy’s leading Curly Hair Expert, began his adventure and perfected the exclusive I Love Riccio method for taking care of all types of curly, wavy and afro hair.

A modern environment with a glamorous and dynamic industrial style and 200 square metres of space dedicated to haircare.

You can book your appointment at the Milan I Love Riccio Salon at 52 Via Bartolini:

The I Love Riccio approach to hair is completely different to any other service you will have tried because ours is a consolidated Method that always begins with a consultation.

In this phase your hair is analysed by your Curly Hair Expert and you can outline your expectations and the results you wish to achieve.

This consultation will pinpoint the qualities of your hair and enable us to create a genuinely bespoke strategy tailored to your needs and expectations.

After this consultancy, the services you choose during the booking phase or which you defined together with your Curly Hair Expert will be performed.

All of the products used in our Salons are also available for sale so you can take perfect care of your curls by yourself at home.

Enjoy a unique experience in our first Milanese Salon.

Put your faith in the knowledge and expertise of our staff and rediscover the pleasure of full-bodied, defined and voluminous curly hair.